About Thenue Community

Thenue Housing Association’s role is to contribute to efforts to regenerate the communities where we have housing, some of the most disadvantaged areas in Glasgow. These efforts go beyond our main responsibility of creating decent housing and include projects to tackle unemployment, ill health, welfare benefits issues and digital exclusion.

This work is done by the Thenue Community team and through partner organisations that we work with, our overall aim being to help people living in our communities to improve their lives. All of this work is funded by grants from external bodies such as Big Lottery and the Scottish Government, we don’t use tenant’s rent money.

We believe that regenerating communities can only work and be sustainable with the active involvement of the people who live there. We work closely with local residents in identifying local priorities and in developing ways of tackling these, we have formal agreements with groups called Area Associations in Calton, Bridgeton / Dalmarnock, Cranhill and Netherholm.

The diagram on the right shows our main projects

The improvements we are working to achieve include;
– reducing unemployment
– maximising benefit entitlement
– improving health
– reducing anti-social behaviour
– increasing access to the internet
– improve the local environment