Smart Communities have teamed up with CoderDojo Scotland to provide free local coding clubs for young people.

CoderDojo Scotland is part of a worldwide network which provides a safe, fun, creative environment where young people can learn how to code.

What’s code? Code is what we use to programme computers and other devices to do what we want them to do. By learning to code, you can learn how to build websites, apps, games, animations and much more. The only limit is your imagination!

CoderDojo events are run by volunteers from education and technology backgrounds who want to support and inspire the next generation of coders.

Currently, Smart Communities supports two CoderDojo sessions, and we hope to support more in the future. CoderDojo Castlemilk runs on the second Saturday of each month, in the Castlemilk Youth Complex, and is supported by the Netherholm Area Association. Bridgeton CoderDojo runs once a fortnight in the Bridgeton Community Learning Campus.

If you want more information about CoderDojo Scotland or to find out where your nearest CoderDojo Event is, head over to the CoderDojo Scotland website:

Coder Dojo